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Room Forty

South Pasadena is home to an inventive catering company called Room Forty. The owner, Steve Fortunato, also lives in South Pas. Room Forty is innovative because they take just as much care shaping the aesthetics of an event as they do in creating the food. In Fortunato’s own words, “Room Forty is a mobile hospitality company that exists to create dining events,” a “virtual fine dining restaurant without walls.” I have been to one of his events and have experienced firsthand his ability to bring the elegance of a sophisticated restaurant into the host’s living room or backyard. If you have a special event coming up and are looking for someone to help create a memorable evening, then give Steve at Room Forty a call. Room Forty also puts on wine dinners at houses in the area; you can purchase tickets to these special dinners directly from the Web site.

Room Forty Delicacies


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