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I am admittedly a bit of a coffee snob. Okay, I am a total coffee snob. Fortunately, I live close to the best coffeehouse in the entire LA Metroplex: Jones Coffee. I’ve had Intelligentsia, La Mill, and Urth–all of which make exceptional coffee–but I would honestly rank Jones at the top of the heap in LA. The Jones family has been growing coffee for five generations, and they roast all of their beans on site. And because they grow and roast their own beans, they are able to sell their coffee for less than anyone else around. All of this, of course, would be meaningless if their coffee didn’t taste so stinking good. Thankfully, they employ a roaster who obviously knows what he’s doing and some baristas who can pull a shot with the best of them. Drop in on most days, and chances are good you’ll hear Alex Klein playing jazz standards on the upright piano. Parking can be a pain, but once you start sipping your cappuccino you’ll realize it’s well worth it.

If you’re already a fan of Jones, you can vote for Jones as Best Coffeeshop in Vroman’s Local Business Smackdown.

Jones Coffee

Jones Coffee (Photo courtesy of winni3)


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Room Forty

South Pasadena is home to an inventive catering company called Room Forty. The owner, Steve Fortunato, also lives in South Pas. Room Forty is innovative because they take just as much care shaping the aesthetics of an event as they do in creating the food. In Fortunato’s own words, “Room Forty is a mobile hospitality company that exists to create dining events,” a “virtual fine dining restaurant without walls.” I have been to one of his events and have experienced firsthand his ability to bring the elegance of a sophisticated restaurant into the host’s living room or backyard. If you have a special event coming up and are looking for someone to help create a memorable evening, then give Steve at Room Forty a call. Room Forty also puts on wine dinners at houses in the area; you can purchase tickets to these special dinners directly from the Web site.

Room Forty Delicacies

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